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Judy Cain Dance Studio


If you rest you rust, come dance with us

You don't quit dancing because you grow old

you grow old because you quit dancing
Current Line Dance, Florida Classes:
Day and Times:

Baytree classes are Tuesdays at 4:30 - 5:30
Fox Run classes are Fridays at 9:30 - 11:30
Tap Kats page - we are now booking for 2018.

Place: Fox Run's Club House.     Our next dance/Pizza Party: TBA

Judy's Florida Blog 11-20-2018

Florida classes - Baytree classes resumed on Tuesday's at 4:00 p.m.  on November 28TH, 2018 - Pauline Cameron is teaching.  

Last Season

Judy's Florida Blog 06-05-2018

Florida dancers - please keep on dancing throughout the summer - as they say "you've come a long way baby" - please don't go backwards.

Judy Cain Wellington

 Judy's Florida Blog 05-11-2018

Hi from sunny and I mean sunny Florida, it is 2:00 in the afternoon and you could fry an egg on the pavement of the driveway.

Tap Kats - boy am I ever proud of you. Last weeks shows were really were received. You were the hit of the Mother Daughter banquet. Anxious to be back dancing with you .

Fox Run - Mostly did a lot of reviews. Taught Sherry Baby and Wonderful World. 1 more class here before going back to Ohio. As much as I miss the people I dance with in Ohio I am already missing the Florida group. Love to all of you and thanks for putting up with me. 

Love Judy

Judy's Florida Blog 05-04-2018

Well, we said goodbye to BayTree classes until late fall. Thank you for dancing with me - I had a great time.

Fox Run: 2 weeks left but who is counting. This has been the best season for me yet. Thanks to all of you.
We did a lot of 1 walls and went over Suzanne Wilson's new teaches, Champagne Promise and Be Alright. Re introduced Rio.
Interesting: Suzanne taught Mary Lou Crowes dance You Me And The Country and has used this dance as part of her warm up's every week - Suzanne calls it The Shake dance. She has also taught some of Frank Traces dances - 1 favorite of course is Mama Maria. In The Villages they love Frank's Martini Time. Sandy Goodman's newest dance is being taught at some of the favorite places to dance in Orlando. These things make home seem closer than what it really is.
Line Dancing classes at the Manchester Administrative Building, 6075 Manchester Rd, New Franklin OH 44319. Let's try new times - beginner at 5:30 to 6:15 - Intermediate 6:15 - 7:45 or???? Considering an afternoon class on Thursdays at 2:30 to 4. I need to know if there would be an interest in this time? Call or text me at 330-697-1440. These classes will start after Memorial Day. Hope you will "Come Dance With Me".

Judy's Florida Blog 04-27-2018

Sunny Florida is great and dancing is too. Went to Suzanne Wilson't class on Monday . It is fun to be on the learning side - no pressure.
BAYTREE - Almost everyone left for north. So we did a lot of reviews and we played with learning Lonely Drums. Maybe 2 more weeks left for their season.
FOX RUN- This class has a lot of people who live in Fl permanently but we still have had to say good bye to quite a few. Don't really like good byes. I took it easy on them today - new dance taught is a beautiful waltz called Love Lifted Me by Roger Neff. My Mother My Teacher My Friend by Ira is going really well. Other teachers in the area are teaching Chicken Truck by Rick Todd and they all love it. Some of you may recall the dance Four Star Boogie , we dance this to I Like It I Love It, we had fun with that one today because there is a commercial out using that song. Then Jerry said we do that dance back home but they dance it to God Bless Texas. Gypsy Queen is another dance we brought back today. Three more Fridays left.
Ohio classes will resume Monday after Memorial Day - Looking forward to dancing with you again,

Judy's Florida Blog 04-20-2018

Hi all,
Doin' good and still in Florida enjoying the sunshine.   Soon it will be getting too hot.  Hopefully Ohio will soon stop getting snow and the flowers and trees will be budding and the grass turning green.  We have friends from Akron that have ought a   mobile home down here and will be taking possession the first of the  month and then we have friend that sold their mobile home here and are moving back to Ohio on the 23rd of April and I believe we will be here to help both. The plan right now is to be here for 1 more month.  
Baytree - We had a pizza party and no lessons but we did dance and were able to do 20 different dances - outstanding......  We will be continuing classes up until Mothers Day.
Fox Run - We wormed up with Cab Drier (unknown) and Suzanne Wilson's Hot Country Girl, Reviewed EZ Cha Cha (Regia Cheung), My Mother My Teacher My Friend (Ira Weisburd), K Is For Kicks (Christopher Gonzalez), Whiskey Bridges (Madison Glover), Broken Stones (Dee Musk), Reggae Cowboy (Gene Schrivener), Dance Her Home (Rob Fowler), Doing The Walk (Pim Jef, & Roy), Requested to go over Stitches (Amy Glass).
Remember if you rest, you rust, so keep on dancing.

Judy's Florida Blog 04-13-2018
I have so many dances that I that to share with Ohio dancers.
 Baytree classes will continue until Mother's Day.  We haven't set a closing day for Fox Run yet.  This coming Tuesday we will have a dance/pizza party at Baytree 4:15 to 5:45.  Nothing new will be taught but we will do some one wall walk through's. This  Monday we will be dancing at Imperial East with the band.  What a great time we had last Monday.  Bring your own drink and snack to share although you really won't have time to eat - only just dance.
Fox Run - What a great class we had this morning.  Love all the energy and happiness that I felt in the room.  I feel so Blessed to be here and to dance with you.  Today (the Ohio dancers will understand this) was a difficult time for me to teach but Ira Weisburd came up with this really great dance called My Mother My Teacher My Friend.  That describes my Mother so well.  Thank you Ira.  The class is really an intermediate group and they pick up dances quickly but this beginner dance was a little challenge - mostly due to rhythm - those holds made the dancers think.  2nd time we did the dance it was perfect.  They also enjoyed Ez Cha cha by Regina Cheung.  We used the song Sway by Pussycat Dolls - I know you already have a dance to that song but open your minds to new things and try it.  Both classes loved it and they called it a keeper.  Warm up dance was Sue Ann Ehmann,s Fun For All.  Intermediate dances we are working hard on are Dive Right In and Doing The Walk and there wasn't enough time to go over All The King's Horses  so hopefully next week.  Until then
Come dance with me,
Judy's Florida Blog 04-07-2018
Classes are running smoothly.  New dances taught this week:
Sold At The Grundy County Auction by Conrad Farnham, Copperhead Line Dancing
Rockin' Robin AB by K. Sholes & Shirley Blankenship
All The Kings Horses by Alison Biffs & Peter Metelnick
Review:  Doing The Walk by Pim Van Grootel, Jef Camps & Roy Berdonk
What Makes You Country by Rob Holley
K is For Kics by Christopher Gonzalez
Whiskey Bridges by Maddison Glover
Dive Right In by Will Craig
Blessed by Jackie Miranda
Compliments to all choreographers - great dances and god choices for music.  Yippee.

Judy's Florida Blog 03-30-2018
From sunny Florida
Some people have already packed up and are trying to get home before Easter.  I wish them all a very safe trip. Many people here are having northern family in for Easter.  In two weeks this will feel like a deserted movie set and I will be able to dance and sing in the streets and no one will be watching.  Happy Easter to those near and far.
Had a really fun time dancing at Imperial East Park this past Monday.  The band was wonderful and they love to play music for us to dance too.   My husbands cousins from California were with us for a week and they are dancers and when I say they are dancers I mean it.   People clear the floor just to watch them.  They are in their mid 80's and if you were to ask them they would say life is good.  
Tuesday at Baytree the new dance was K Is For Kicks choreographer Christopher Gonzalez - fun dance that I hope will be around for awhile.  Then we worked on Boot Scootin' Boogie.  The version they use here is by an unknown choreographer and some of the dancers have even made some of their own versions and they made this a contra dance and it was fun.  It goes like this - Fan R toes out in out in - vine right and left , walk back RLR hitch, two step forward hitch at same time make a 1/2 left turn (at this point you will be passing through to the opposite side), walk back LRL hitch, finish up with a two step left, two step right, 2 step left and start over.  This makes it a 36 count dance - now keep in mind I did not choreograph this.  Tee hee - but it was fun and the class liked it too.  
Fox Run - We also did the above and worked extra hard on Dive right In by Will craig and closed with a 1 wall review of The Bop.
Bye for now, I need to get busy and color some eggs, or maybe I will go look for the golden egg.
Happy Easter
Judy's Florida Blog 03-26-2018

Hi all,
Another beautiful week has went by. Today is cloudy and cool and it looks like Ohio weather is getting warmer. Where ever you are I wish you all a happy Easter .

Dancing at Baytree this last week is really fun - i fact we are going to Imperial Park this evening to dance - yippee.
New dance taught was Born To be Great, We did a lot of practicing such as I Can't Smile Without you, Ally Cat, Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed, Rockin' The Wagon Wheel, Boot Scootin' Boogie, Mamma Maria, Hot Country Girl, The Majestic

Thank you to Frank Trace for great choreography for very usable dances.

Pontoon Gail Smith,
Are You Missing Me by Ron Boyle, What Makes You Country Rob Holley, Will Craigs new waltz Dive In - absolutely love this dance.
Happy Easter

Judy's Florida Blog 03-10-2018

Baytree dances taught French Girl Shuffle by Knox Rhine, down here they dance this to Kiss Kiss and Celebration. After that we reviewed Mamma Marie by Frank Trace, Boot Scootin' Unknown, At The Hop, Stealing The Best, Wagon Wheel Rock, Who's Been Sleeping in y Bed, I Can't Smile Without You, Waltz Across Texas
We had a party on Thursday night with great food served and the band played and we were able to practice our lesson.

Foxrun- Taught Live, Laugh, & Love by Linda Dube we danced it to volcano and then picked up the tempo to My Guy. This is a dance that they do on the squares in The Villages ( where it is dance heaven) , Born To Be Great by Conrad Farnham music is Some Town Somewhere by Kenny Chesney, Blessed by Jackie Miranda, we practiced and did a lot of 1 wall walk through's. Fun class.

Got a go - getting ready to go listen to some good old fashion gospel singers. Wish you all could be here.
Keep on Dancing

Judy's Florida Blog 03-02-2018

Well February is over and what a beautiful February it was. Sunny skies and all. :-)
I want to thank the Tap Kats for their performances at Blessed Trinity and Hartville Manor. Great job - many compliments have come in. I really miss tapping with you. My shoes are getting rusty.

Baytree class - Taught Celebration and Wagon Wheel - next week we will get an extra night of dancing on March 8th (my daughter, Kim's birthday).

Fox Run - New dances taught were Born To Be Great by Conrad Farnham and Havana Cha by Ria Vos. Dances we reviewed were The Most Beautiful Girl (Niels Poulsen) Dance Her Home (Rob Fowler), My Boyfriend's Back (Iiona Tessmer-Willis), What Makes You Country (Rob Holley), Fresh (Raymond Sarlemijn & Darren Bailey), Hot Country Girl (Suzanne Wilson).
OLDIES requested: Break On Me (Helen Born), Itsy Bitsy Spider Dance (John Dembiec), D.H.S.S. (Gaye Teather), Tush Push (Jim Ferrazzano), Stitches (Amy Glass)
Thank you to all that were able to dance with me this past week, you sure made me happy.


Judy's Florida Blog 02-25-2018

Hi all,
Wish you could be here dancing with me.
Dancing is great.
Baytree class is a lot of fun , they love learning and the new dance this week was fresh by Raymond Sarlemijn and Darren Bailey . Reviewed at the hop and taught tush push because of a request. On Thursday evening the band played and we were able to practice what they have been learning. Good time was had by all!
Friday morning at Fox run is always interesting because we have different levels of dancers. 1st hour we do easier dances and taught was My Boyfriends Back by IIona Tessmer Willis. Also taught what makes you country by Rob Holley. I used the song 5 6 7 8 and it hit the steps perfect. We reviewed Mary Lou Crowes You Me In The Country known here as the skate dance. 2nd hour taught, Dance Her Home by Rob Fowler. Requested dances to review were Simplemente, Champagne Promise and Ex and Oh's.That's all from sunny dance land Florida

Judy's Florida Blog 02-17-2018
Most of the dancing was easy classics but good company and exercise.
Weather has been great.  Dancing is good.  Monday evening a small group of us went to dance with a live band and had a really good time.  
Tuesday class at Baytree.  This class is a teachers dream.  They love learning and are so enthusiastic  So very thankful to be a part of this class.  The bands here all play At The Hop so I taught them Carmel's @ The Hop, and Come Dance With Me was requested.  
Friday's 2 hour class, was a mix of beginners and intermediates, hard to select new dances to teach.  Went with Big Bonds and Beautiful by Cody Flowers, For the easy dance I chose Fresh by Raymond Sarlemijn and Darren Bailey, we also danced Drinkin' Problem by Darren Bailey.
Suzanne Wilson's Monday class was canceled this week, she warms up the class with a dance she calls The Skate and I do believe it is our own Mary Lou Crowes, You and me In The Country.  
I am trying to switch from aol to gmail and you may contact me to my e-mail at G-Mail Here.   
Have a great dancing week
Judy Cain Wellington.
Judy's Florida Blog 02-03-2018
Went to Suzanne Wilson's class on Monday, as always had a good time and lots of dancing.  This week she dug into some oldies Cruisin', she does a warm-up dance very similar to our Marylou Crowes Absolutey Everybody.  A couple of weekly favorites are Wave On Wave and Lonely Drum
 BAYTREE - is progressing so fast, trying my best not to overwhelm them with dances but they are so eager to learn.  New dance for them this week was Stealing The Best by Rosie Multari
 FOX RUN - New dance taught was Silver Wings. We will be closed next Friday due to our park's annual fair.    
 Have a good week and I hope you are all dancing.  Enjoy!
Judy Cain Wellington

Judy's Florida Blog 01-27-2018

What a week it has been - good one that is....  Went to see the movie The Greatest Showman and wow - loved it.

Pauline Cameron's husband Gene had a stroke 4 days ago and is in Leesburg Hospital.  Pauline is exhausted but has very positive feelings that Gene will be released any day now.  The stroke was very bad but the fortunate thing is his Doctors were able to give him immediate attention.  So far there are no visible after effects showing.  Please keep Pauline and Gene in your thoughts and prayers.  The hospitals here are full and not taking any new patients in and Gene is still in an emergency holding room..  Flu is bad here and they are now canceling schools.  It is nothing to see people wearing masks at the grocery stores.

DANCING:  Baytree is moving right along - this class is a treasure - they love to learn and more importantly want to remember.  This is a basic class that started last January and we danced until I left for home in April and Pauline started them back up in December so we are trying not to take things too fast.  They had a social on Thursday evening At Tuesday's class I reviewed the dances that I felt we could dance with the bands musical selections. We practiced the  Electric Slide, Cupid Shuffle, Ally Cat, Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed, Boot Scootin' Boogie (different from the one we dance in Ohio), Charleston Cha, Alabama, Heavenly Waltz, The Stroll (yes the one they did on Bandstand), Blue Rose Is, I Love  A Rainy Night. 

FOX RUN:  This class pushes me some of these dancers attend workshops - I keep the first 45 minutes easy and progress the last hour plus.  I try to pull out some older classic dances that most have learned to have fun with.  This week it was Gin & Tonic, D.H.S.S., & Wave On Wave,  new dance taught was Deep South by Stephen Pistoria & Conrad Farnham.  They really liked this dance and it goes to many of the older songs - example - The wonderer - A Mess Of Blues by Elvis, only difference is the restart would be in a different spot.
That's it for this week in sunny Florida.
Happy dancing,

Judy's Florida Blog 01-20-2018

Weather here has been unseasonably cod but the sun has been shinning and temperatures are going back up to normal this coming week. 
Now to get to dancing:
Monday evenings I have been having fun going to Suzanne Wilson's class and she taught Dirty and Eyes For You this week and we did a quick review of Eyes for you on Friday at Fox Run.
Tuesday teaching at Baytree is a lot of fun we have a very enthusiastic class and they are so willing to learn.  We have a planned outing to go to Imperial Park this Monday to line dance to a band.  We are still working on basic dances that can be done most anywhere there is music played.  Tuesday is class and they are having a social later in the week and have invited me to lead them in line dances.  
Friday morning is Fox Run's class and this year wow - they are pushing me to keep up.  new dances were Sweet Caroline and Champaign Promise.  Thank you Tina Foster for teaching me that dance - it's my favorite from 2017.  
If it gets too cold up north come on down and Come Dance With Me
Judy Cain Wellington
Judy's Florida Blog 01-10-2018

Fox Run's first line dance class was today and I was overwhelmed with the turn out.  We did a lot of 1 wall walk through's - well maybe that was 2 walls - of some of the dances that I hoped they would remember and they really did a good job.  The new dances taught  were  - Hot Country Girl by none other than our hometown Florida gal Suzanne Wilson, Just A Two Steppin' by Norman Gifford & Jo Thompson Szymanski I used the music Empty Pockets, One Small Shot by Louise G, music I selected was Drive It Home, The second hour I taught Second Chance Waltz by Michael Barr and The Most Beautiful Girl by Niels Poulsen  all dances were well received and danced twice.Brought back an oldie in the last few minutes of class called Simplemente by Kate Sala.  Thank to all for coming to class today, I had a lot of fun and I hope you did too.

Pauline Cameron has been teaching at Baytree on Tuesday's for me and I cannot thank her enough - she has done a fantastic job.  Kudos to Pauline. 

Frank Traces dances Mama Maria and The Majestic are among some of the favorites here and Pauline also introduced Fun In The Sun. 

If you get to Florida please Come Dance With Me.
Judy Cain Wellington

P.S  Classes in Akron are temporarily closed until Spring.

Line Dances Taught in the past (See Above Blog for Current Line Dance Teaches)

Dances taught/Reviewed this season so far (Winter 2015-2016)

A Bit Of A Crush - Gaye Teather - Step Sheet - Video
A little cliche  love song - Lisa McCammon - Step Sheet - Video
Alibis & Lying Eyes Waltz by Jane E. Davis - Step Sheet -Video
Beach Struttin' by Debbie Scrimsher - Step Sheet - Video
Better When I'm Dancin', Baby by Gitte Stehr - Step Sheet - Video
Big Blue Tree - Ria Vos - Step Sheet - Video
Booty Call by unknown - Stepsheet - Video
Break On Me by Helen Born - Stepsheet - Video
Canadian Stomp-Cindy Hall & Ginny Smith. Music Any One Of Mine/Shania Twain - Step Sheet - See Video
Can You 2 Step - Frank Trace - Step Sheet - See Video
Caught In The Moonlight - Rachael McEnaney - Stepsheet - Video
Charlie's Cha - Gloria Stone - Step Sheet - See Video
Come Dance With Me - Jo Thompson Print Step Sheet - See Video
Country As Can Be by Suzanne Wilson - Stepsheet - Video
Country Walkin' by Teree Desarro - Stepsheet - Video
Dock Of The Bay by Rachael McEnaney - Stepsheet - Video
Empty pockets - Burton/Barr - Step Sheet - Video
Ex's and Oh's - Amy Glass - Step Sheet - Video
Fireball (Easy) - Marthe Thibeault Step Sheet - See Video
Gloria - Rosie Multari Step Sheet - See Video
Going 2 pot - Norman Gifford - Step Sheet - Video
Georgia Peach by Pat Meikle - Stepsheet - Video
Honey, I'm Good - Donna Manning Step Sheet - See Video
Honey Pie - Maggie Gallagher Step Sheet - See Video
It's gonna rain - sue Ann Ehmann - Step Sheet - Video
Jamaica Farewell by Ira Weisburd - Stepsheet - Video
Little Dean Waltz - Claire Denney - Step Sheet - See Video
Little Red Book - Dee Musk  Print Step Sheet - See Video
Little Rumba by Donna Laurin - Stepsheet - Video
Love Country Life by Ivan Garcia - Step Sheet - Video
Meat and Potato Man - Karen Tripp -Print Step Sheet - See Video
Mustang Sally - Martie Papendorf - Step Sheet - See Video
Pontoon - Gail Smith - Step sheet - See Video
Rain - Kate sala - Step Sheet Video
Rock' n' Roll is Here To Stay by Sonja Hemmes - Step Sheet - Video
Rub It In by Kathy Heller - Stepsheet - Video
September in the rain -Julie Katz Davies - Step Sheet - Video
Shoop Shoop - Jo Thompson Step Sheet - See Video
Singing The Blues - Maggie Gallagher Step Sheet - See Video
Smells Like Trouble To Me - Frank Trace Step Sheet - See Video
Stealing The Best by Rosie Multari - Step Sheet  - Video
The Bomp - Kim Ray Step Sheet - Video
The Locomotion - Jo and Rita Thompson - Step Sheet - See Video
The Majestic - Frank Trace - Step sheet - See Video
Thinkin' Country by Simon Ward - Stepsheet - Video
Ticket To the Blues by Neils Paulsen - Stepsheet - Video
Someone Feels Like A Fool by Ira Weisburd - Stepsheet - Video
Under the moon of love - Rachael McEnaney - Step Sheet - Video
Uptown Funky - Jill Weiss Step Sheet - See Video

Line Dances Taught in 2014-2015:

Ah Si! - Rita Musar - Print Step Sheet - See Video
All About That Bass choreographer Gail Dawson - Print Step Sheet - See Video
Alley Cat - choreographer unknown - warm up - Print Step Sheet - See Video
American Kids - Randy Pelletier Print Step Sheet - See Video
Auto-Moves / Judy Cain - Step Sheet - Video
Backroads Bump / Derek Steele - Stepsheet - Video
Bosa Nova / Phil Dennington - Step Sheet - Video
Bottle It Up by Gloria Johnson (B) - Step Sheet - Video
Bucket List / Gaye Teather - Step Sheet - Video
Canadian Stomp/Cindy Hall & Ginny Smith. Music Any One Of Mine/Shania Twain - Step Sheet - Video
Cupid Shuffle - Bernard Bryson Print Step Sheet - See Video
Electric Slide - unknown Print Step Sheet - See Video
Falling Rain / Juliet Lam - Step Sheet - Video
Fun For All / Sue Ann Ehmann - Step Sheet - Video
Gin & Tonic / Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hicki (B)  - Step Sheet - Video
Good Morning - Jo Thompson Szymanski and Machelle Cook Holloway - Step Sheet - Video
I Love A Rainy Night - Iris M. Mooney Step Sheet - Video
It's Goin' Hamm! / Trevor Thornton - Step Sheet - Video
Itsy Bitsy Spider Dance - John Dembiec - Print Step Sheet - See Video
Jo 'N Jo Tango / Jo Thompson Syzmanski - Step Sheet - Video
Little Red Book - Dee Musk  Print Step Sheet - See Video
Makita by Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie - Step Sheet  - Video
Mamma Maria / Frank Trace Step Sheet - Video
Meat and Potato Man - Karen Tripp - Print Step Sheet - See Video
Moving Hips / Frank Trace music Fireball by Pitbull - Step Sheet - Video
Ms. Jody's Thang - Ed Williams Print Step Sheet - See Video
My Everything - Dee Musk Print Step Sheet - See Video
Neon Light - Jill Weiss Print Step Sheet - See Video 
New Shade Of Blue by Yvonne Anderson - Step Sheet  - Video
Pontoon - Gail Smith - Step sheet - See Video
River Bank - Gail Smith Print Step Sheet - See Video 
Rockin' The Wagon Wheel - Jamie Marshall - Print Step Sheet - See Video
Sisters - Darren Bailey & Fred Whitehouse Print Step Sheet - See Video 
Skinny Genes / Pat and Lizzy Stott - Step Sheet - Video
Stealing The Best by Rosie Multari - Step Sheet  - Video
Straight Line Turn by Larry Bass - Step Sheet  - Video
Stroll Along Cha Cha - review - Print Step Sheet - See Video
The Best Is Yet To Come - Lynne Martino  Print Step Sheet - See Video
The Majestic - Frank Trace - Step sheet - See Video
Through The Grapevine /  Karl-Harry Winson Step Sheet - Video
Tine Together / Patti Maccagnan Step Sheet - Video
Toe Jammin'/Larry Bass to Monkey Around by Derek McClinton  Step Sheet Video
You're Beautiful / Lynn Card - Step Sheet - Video

Line Dances Taught in 2013-2014:

Dance Name
Step Sheet
Ah Si Rita Masur 
Print Step Sheet See Video
A Love Dance Robert Wanstreet Print Step Sheet See Video
Ain't Nothin' (Like Southern Girls) Larry Bass
Print Step Sheet See Video
Alley Cat Unknown Print Step Sheet  --
Blue Rose Is  Unknown See Judy in Class  --
Boot Scootin Boogie   Version of dance See Judy in Class
Bosa Nova (B/I)  Phil Dennington Print Step Sheet   See Video
D.H.S.S (B)   Gaye Teather Print Step Sheet See Video
Caught In The Act Ann Wood Print Step Sheet See Video
Come Dance With Me Jo Thompson Print Step Sheet See Video
Country As Can Be  (B)  Suzanne Wilson  Print Step Sheet See Video
Cupid Shuffle Bernard Bryson
Print Step Sheet See Video
Electric Slide Ric Silvern (USA) 76 Print Step Sheet See Video
Feeling Kinda Lonely Margaret Swift Print Step Sheet See Video
Jose' Cuervo '97 Max Perry Print Step Sheet See Video
Heavenly Waltz  Bertha-Rose Park Print Step Sheet  --
Little Red Book (B)  Dee Musk Print Step Sheet See Video
Love Me or Leave Me  Frank Trace Print Step Sheet See Video
Mamma Maria (B) Frank Trace Print Step Sheet See Video
Ms. Jody's Thang (B)  Ed Williams  Print Step Sheet See Video
My Blue Heaven  Don Pascual Print Step Sheet See Video
New York New York Unknown See Judy in Class  --
Pontoon  Gail Smith Print Step Sheet See Video
Rivers Of Babylon John Bishop & Karen Wilkinson Print Step Sheet See Video
Seduced (B)  Ira Weisburd Print Step Sheet See Video
Snappy Walk   Judy Cain Print Step Sheet See Video
Stealing The Best (B)  Rosie Multari Print Step Sheet See Video
Stray Cat Strut Unknown See Judy in Class
Stroll Along Cha Cha (B)  John & Janette Sandham Print Step Sheet See Video
This Little Light  Jo & Rita Thompson Print Step Sheet See Video
Twist-Em  Jo Thompson Print Step Sheet See Video
Waltz Across Texas  Lois & John Nielson Print Step Sheet See Video
Where You Live Robert Wanstreet See Judy in Class See Video